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Before the complexities of modern medicine, doctors used to make house calls. You could get a physical, have an injury looked at, and even diagnose an infectious disease without leaving the house. Today, at-home testing brings some of that convenience back, allowing patients to find out everything from their sexual health to their risk for diabetes in a matter of days.

Founded in 2014, LetsGetChecked offers safe and accurate at-home test kits that cover a whole host of medical questions. Their varied test lineup can identify biomarkers for cardiovascular health, digestive health, fertility, and metabolic health, as well as STDs and cancer precursors. The company has a reputation for scientific integrity, and they perform all of their tests in the same labs used by clinics and healthcare facilities around the country.

Purpose of the test

The purpose of at-home STD testing is to determine whether a person is likely to have an STD. Positive results indicate the need to follow up with a medical professional for treatment and/or additional testing.

What does the test measure?

At-home STD tests detect the presence of specific STDs. Each STD requires a different laboratory test, so it’s important for people to make sure that the at-home testing kit they’re using is designed to detect the appropriate STD.

Some STD tests look for the genetic material, or DNA, of the bacteria, virus, or parasite that causes the STD. Other tests detect viral proteins, called antigens, or antibodies that are produced by the body in response to an STD infection.

Testing Options

Understand your hormonal health with our female fertility testing options.

Complete 11





At home Progesterone test to confirm if ovulation has occurred on day 21 of a menstrual cycle with online results in 5 days.

Standard 6




Tests for

At home AMH test to indicate the number of eggs a woman has left, with online results in 5 days.

Simple 2




Tests for

At home female hormone test to provide a broad picture of a woman’s hormonal health, with online results in 5 days.

Best 6 Panel Test!

LetsGetChecked – Standard 6 STD Test

Price: $119 (Get 30% off with your exclusive discount code. Use code TESTCLIQ at checkout.)

Type: Self-collection

Tests for: Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Hepatitis B

Sample: Blood, Urine

Results timeline: Within 2 to 5 days

The Standard 6 from LetsGetChecked is a simple at-home STD test that looks for Six of the most common sexually transmitted infections. Packaging is discreet, so it’s easy to maintain your privacy while staying up to date on your sexual health.

The test kit includes everything you need to collect samples, including easy-to-follow instructions. The LetsGetChecked website also offers video tutorials that walk you through the process of preparing the test kit, collecting samples, and packaging the kit with a prepaid shipping label.

LetsGetChecked offers a turnaround time of 2 to 5 days once samples reach one of their CLIA-certified laboratories. Your lab report is available in your secure account, which includes a dashboard that offers helpful factsheets on STDs compiled by clinical experts. The purchase price includes one-to-one support with a member of their clinical team if you have any questions

Should one or more of the STD tests come back with abnormal results, you can consult with a doctor at no extra charge. For patients diagnosed with chlamydia or trichomoniasis, medications may be mailed to your home without any additional fees.

How it works

1.Order your test

All of our home collection kits and prescriptions are delivered in a plain envelope with no reference to LetsGetChecked visible, for a private testing experience.

2.Collect your sample

Activate your test and collect your sample in the morning. Return your sample free of charge using the prepaid shipping label provided.

3.Receive accurate results

Once your sample arrives in the laboratory, confidential results will be available from your secure online account within 2 to 5 days.

4.Support & prescriptions

If your results are positive, our nurses will call you to explain your results and send a prescription for treatment to your home, if suitable.

Getting your results

When your results are ready, you will receive an email directing you to your LetsGetChecked dashboard. Nurses are available to answer any questions you have about the results themselves.

If a positive result requires additional medical consultation, one of these nurses will reach out to you directly. Many patients report phone calls coming from nurses before they even saw the email that their results were in. The nurses can refer you to specialists when necessary and provide you with prescriptions for confirmed ailments that LetsGetChecked will deliver to your door for free.