Single-Step Saliva Rapid Antigen Tests Pack of 480

£1,348.80 excl. VAT

Testing Kit Benefits

  • The simplest test available.
  • No deep swabbing or painful procedures required.
  • Performed in a single step. No buffer solutions.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Individually packaged tests can be given in quantity to staff members for home-testing.
  • EU registered and CE certified.
  • The preferred choice of organisations who want to provide testing that doesn’t cause mass disruption.
  • Provides rapid results in just 5 minutes with no obligation to report results to the Government via Test and Trace.
This is the only saliva swab antigen detection test available that comes in only 2 parts.These ultra-simple tests are performed in a single step and are more than 95% accurate. No painful sampling. No buffer solutions. No administrators required.

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